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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Rank website on 1st page

In today's article, we are going to talk about SEO Ranking Factor, so that you can understand the website / blog's SEO well, and improve your website ranking. In this post you are about to tell 10 Most Important Google Ranking Factors. Who can rank your website quickly on Google, what should we do after blog blogging, that we know in google rank

Rank website

First of all, you should understand the best from SEO, because you understand what you think is a good thing, then you can take advantage of the dew thing, so let's talk about some of the 10 SEO Ranking factors that are very useful for SEO ranking factor. Only more is necessary!

1. Theme

The ranking of blog is also done by its design, as if you think you have a very beautiful template for your blog and even customized it well but that template is not mobile friendly and SEO friendly!

Now if your blog's template is not SEO friendly, you know that search bots do not give the correct information of your headings, subheadings, images, and content, jesus bots do not know about your content, and it can search your blog. Do not rank at the result!

So if your template is not mobile friendly then your website is not properly displayed on mobile and search bot does not take the show on your blog post to those users who search through your keywords via mobile. !

Because of this, you lose too many visitors, so you have to buy a template that is mobile friendly and SEO friendly and it is very much needed for the SEO ranking factor!

2. Website speed

The website's loading speed is always important in the search ranking and in 2018, everybody is using 4G, and every person wants that the website speed be fast so that he does not want to spend more time and you also want to do the same. Go to Joe's website, open it as soon as possible, in such a way that Google also wishes to send its readers to aise website, which is good speed!

3. Website security

Abh You may be wondering whether the website is safe or not, what is the difference in the search result, so to know which one you search on google for any topic and see which website is on top of google, Website is safe or not, the website is safe!

4. Seo 

SEO Optimized Content means that you publish post on your website which should be customized so that Search Engine can easily understand your post and show it on Top at Search Results!

5. Backlinks

Backlink means that to be linked to another website by a website, Abb has two things -

1: - To create Traffic - Backlink, you will have to contact the other website to read backlinks if they have a website rank in google and give you a backlink from your website, so you will have a lot of traffic from where you have backlink!

2: - Website Reputation - It is very important for your website's reputation search engine, if your website is linked to another website, then search bot finds out about your website and popular website represents your website,

6. Keyword research

Keyword research is very important if you have to post rank, so you will know that in the present time people are researching on the keyword and how much is the competition, if you write a post on high competing keywords, no matter how much you Write a good post, he is not going to rank!

Ranking a blog post takes a lot of things, but if you are biggner then you should write post on low compititon wale keyword!

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