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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Success on blogging tips 2019

If you are a new blogger and want to make your blog successful, then I am going to tell you about some blogging tips that help you make your blog a successful blog.
Blogging tips
Some people start blogging but they leave blogging due to no traffic on the blog. These people think blogging is very hard, yes they are hard but not as much as we explain it. It takes time to become successful blog, how much time it takes depends on your work.

1. Use heading and sub-heading

Sub-headings make your content easy to skim. Big bloggers also tell their story by using sub-headings in their content. You also use sub-headings in your blog.

2. Make paragraph short

The most important blogging tip thing to note is that whenever you write content, do not write more than 5 or 6 lines in the paragraph. The long paragraph will look exactly like the Ramayana, from which readers will understand borings and they will not read your articles.

3. Write content long

Whenever you write an article, write at least 800- 1500 words. This will increase your blog's watch time and your blog's rank will also increase.

4. Social share

Social sharing is a very important role in creating successful blogs. You share your blog post on all social sites and connect with readers.

5. Write conclusion

If you are at the end of your content, then write the conclusion of it. By writing your conclusions, readers will know what your blog post is about.

6. Reply every comment

Whenever you comment on your blog content, please replay the comment. Doing so will have a great impact on your blog. Then I will recommend that you replay every comment on your blog and stay engaged with readers.

7. Use unique content

It plays a great role in making your blog successful. You will write unique and clean content on your blog, obviously people will like your content and traffic will increase on your blog. You do not use boring language in your content. Content should be absolutely unique and accurate as google likes the same content.

In Last:- 

So guys these are some blogging tips for you to success on blogging. So share this article with your friend..!

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