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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Apple will launch iPhones with more powerful 3D cameras by 2020

The biggie phone maker Apple will launch iPhones in 2020 with more powerful cameras. This rear facing camera can scan up to 3 dimensional reconciliation by scanning the surroundings. This feature will work through a device up to a distance of 15 feet. This feature will make Apple better its Face ID Recognition.

We will get these features-
Apple's existing system uses dot projection technology. When a new laser scanner will be used in the new system Apple will soon update its operating system too. Dark mode will be offered for nighttime watch in iOS 13. Apart from this, the company's in-virtual software will also be modified. Apart from these, some upgrades will also be seen in I-Pad.

Cells of iPhones is declining in India-
Here, according to a report released recently, the sale of Apple Iphone in India has already dropped. According to one estimate, the number of iPhone shipments decreased by more than half in 2018 compared to 2017. This is the company's worst performance since 2014 in the world's fastest growing smartphone market. Earlier, Apple's appetite has increased, which has forced her to cut its revenue outlook.

According to the company's counterpoint technology market research in Hong Kong, Apple Shipments in the year 2018 were between 16 and 17 lakhs. According to CyberMedia Research it was about 20 million. However, both of these figures are less than 32 lakh units of 2017. Analysts said the reason for the decline of iPhone shipments is that this phone is very expensive. Chinese companies such as VanPlus are selling smartphones with better features than one-third of the price of the iPhone.


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