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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Do you carry a phone to the toilet? So be careful...

Smartphones have advantages, but we often hear about its losses. You give more time to social media or video games than talk with people. So, use the notification often. Text and email can not remain without being seen. Even if you do not accept it yourself, it means that you have become a slave of a smartphone. This can affect your family life, your personality and your own body, there are some ways to avoid this, which you can get rid of the slavery of a smartphone.

1- Decide time to use a smartphone -

Because you are always busy on mobile, it is now necessary that you decide how often you use a smartphone. You follow this routine.

Do not use your phone at specific times in the day. Do not take your phone in the bathroom, such as in driving, in meetings, in gym, at dinner or with children while playing. Its radiation can harm you.

Do not keep your phone or tablet on the bed at night while sleeping-

Mobile phone screen illumination can spoil your sleep. Two hours before bedtime, the mobile phone should be released. Because there is a possibility of a mobile blast.

Instead of spending time on smartphones, spend time in some good health activities. Playing with children, focusing, talking with friends or family.

Depend on the small games-

Ban the phone outside the office or ban the phone during a dinner party with coworkers. The phone that will be used will have to pay the next bill.

Delete the Social Media app from your phone. Use social media app only on desktop.

You often check the mobile phone for something to break. Exit this fear. The world is running without a smartphone and it will continue.

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