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Friday, 8 February 2019

NASA discovered a planet which is three times larger than Earth!

Finding the coolest planet near the Earth

NASA has discovered a new planet outside our Solar System. This new planet has been named HD 21749b. This has been invented by NASA's new Transaction Exposure Survey Satellite (TESS). This is the new telescope of the NASA, NASA discovery. It is 53 light-years away from Earth. Despite being so close to the Earth, this planet is very cold and its temperature is 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

It revolves around a small star-
The HD 21749b is rolling out a small star and it takes 36 days to finish one round. Certainly this is a big success for scientists trying to find life's possibilities on another planet. According to scientists, due to a condensed atmosphere, there may be life expectancy on this planet.

Discovered by NESS-
Diana Dregmire, the chief of the team investigating this new planet and MIT's poetry institute for astrophysics and space research, said: "This planet is the smallest cold planet revolving its Sun, now we know about it."

He further called that it is a much larger planet than Earth. The new HD 21749b is 3 times larger than Earth. Due to its size, it comes in the sub-neptune category, which means that it will be the first planet to be larger than or equal to the size of Earth that was detected by TESS.

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