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Friday, 8 February 2019

Now run Two Different Tv on ONE DTH CONNECTION

At present, the DTH service has been available in almost every country of the country. No house where DTH service is not available. Each member of the family has to set up separate set-up boxes for the DTH service in their separate rooms and the company also levies a separate rent from them.

In the joint family, there is only one TV in the house and all of them sit to watch the TV at the same time and then the problem arises that men have to watch the news, women have to watch the serial, while the children like to watch the cartoon channel. But because of being a joint family, everyone's wish can not be met together.

Now if two TVs are placed in the house, then two DTH connections have to be installed along with the cost of two connections. For those who can not afford to spend, we will tell from the middle of this article how you can see a different channel in two TVs in the same DTH connection at home. This way, you can play two TVs on a single DTH connection and you can also see different channels in each TV. Thus you do not have to pay extra connection money.

Now if you want to run two connections in one connection, you will just need a single setup box. Because you can see different channels using the second setup box. If you run two TVs on the same setup box, then both TVs will be seen on the same channel. There is a separate setup box to view different channels.

To do this all you need to do is setup the LNB OUT in the setup box. The second setup box must connect to the port. Even if you have LNB IN port in your setup box, you will not be able to run another connection with that setup box. It is very important to have an LNB OUT port to run another connection.

Another thing to note about is that when you have two setup boxes, it is very important to have one setup box MPEG-4 and another setup box MPEG-2. Both these LNB OUT and LNB IN both can be found in the MPEG-2 type setup box only.

You will have to enter the main cable of the incoming DTH connection in the LNB IN port given in this setup box. Now the second cable has to be put in LNB OUT, this second port will have to be connected to LNB IN in the second setup box ie MPEG-4.

Now connecting this way has made your second connection ready. The MPEG-4 connection is now your second connection. Now you can see different channels by connecting it to your second room in the setup box.

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