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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Portability Service Starts in Dish Connections

People are facing difficulties in changing them even after being annoyed by their cable operators and DTH companies, but they are no longer going to happen for a long time. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is going to bring this system by the end of 2019. You will also be able to put your company's card in the Setup box.

According to a report, TV viewers will be given the freedom to change their cable operators and DTH company. Under this arrangement, your choice card can also be placed in the Setup box. Millions of people from their current operators are annoying. It will be able to choose the operator of their choice. According to Trai Chairman RS Sharma, I am working on it and this will happen. He further said that, at that point of time, all be assured that we will be managing the inter-operable set-top boxes.

DTH operators and cable service providers are opposing this move. Because of this, Trai has been facing difficulties in implementing a new system. Contribution distribution companies always give a lot of flexibility to change the operators.

There are currently 16 million Pay TV subscribers in the country and the maximum setup box is tied to the company. However, for the service of another company, it is necessary to buy a new DTH again. For them, it is their compulsion to remain in the existing company, despite bad service, but once portability is available, set-top boxes will be like mobile devices. In which company's wish it can change the set-top box card like a SIM card.