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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Research: 'Hen' will now help in generating electricity.

Power generation from faces of chicken!

Knowing that a common hen may be used to generate electricity. Researchers claim that faces of chicken can be used as fuel in electricity generation. Researchers have said that if the treatment of feces of other birds rising in hen and poultry can be used in the form of fuel instead of coal. This reduces the greenhouse gases found in the air and can be an alternative source of energy.

Like this it can be turned into fuel-

In fact, it is made of biomass fuel by treating jerk of chicken. This fuel can take up to 10% of the coal used in the production of electricity. This research has been published in a journal called 'Applied Energy'.

Also beneficial for the environment-

It is said that biomass is 73% of the world's Akshaya energy, but for that crop a large number of crops require more land, water and fertilizer. Researchers associated with this search say that, "Dissolving the fiber out of poultry is a good alternative to produce fuel, using renewable energy to produce renewable energy. It is also environmentally beneficial.'

Two types of fuels originated from feces-

Scientists made two different types of fuels that were available from poultry. A Biochar and Second Hydrachar. After research, it was found that hydrococcus is both a type that can generate up to 24% more energy.

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