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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Such a cover may be dangerous for your smartphone, know the reason

In the last few years, the craze of the smartphone is increasing in the same way, the craze of the mobile fancy cover is also increasing among the people. But do you know that there are many mobile covers, which damage our mobile rather than keeping it safe. You might also be surprised to know that instead of protecting the mobile cover we use for mobile protection, it gets more damage. Here are some of the cover information that can be dangerous for your phone and what cover you should buy.

Rubber cover-

Most smartphone users choose to have a rubbery phone cover, because of the absence of the phone due to the rubber cover or the collapse of the phone is not afraid of a breakdown of the phone. Let me tell you that by putting this cover, your phone gets more hot, which means that the phone is afraid to break. In that case you will be able to use silicone cover rather than a rubber cover to be more beneficial. Because, silicon works to cool the mobile.

Leather cover-

Leather cover is very attractive, but with this type of cover, the phone is afraid of breaking the phone, because when you use the phone, its battery gets heated, which makes the leather too hot. Thus, people using the phone should avoid using a leather cover.

Plastic cover

Plastics cover is easily available for almost all smartphones in the market. Because the plastic cover is cheap, it does not have to fear the breakdown of the phone. But, this cover can prove to be dangerous for your phone, because the heating of the plastic when the phone becomes warm can not escape the heat, which can have a bad effect on your phone's battery and the battery may get worse.

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