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Friday, 8 February 2019

The first flight to the Sun will be launched in July: NASA

Parker Solar Probe will be launched on July 31

Washington: In the history of human history, the first mission has started in the sun. NASA's Parker Solar Probe Mission's preparations have reached its final stage. The mission will be launched on July 31. US Air Force's Spacecraft flies to Florida, where it will be tested.

Parker Solar Probe is the first mission in the history of humanity. After the launch, it will reach the level of the solar environment, which is called the corona, which will reach any man-made object adjacent to the surface. This will go in areas where humans have never been tried before. This mission will try to find answers to questions that have not been solved for more than six decades.

This spacecraft has been named after the name of American astronomer Eugene Parker. 90-year-old Parker said for the first time in 1958 that there was a solar storm in space. It is said that this spacecraft will circulate the Venus. Then it move towards the sun. In the meantime, during this it will also enter in the layer of Mars.

You can also join the mission-
NASA invited the general public to join the mission. Those who wish to participate in the mission must register on the NASA website. After registration they will also get a certificate. The person will be selected on the basis of  lucky draw.

Andy Dissman, project manager of this mission from John Hawking's Applied Physics Lab in America, has said that there will still be many milestones in front of the Parker Solar Probe and a team that works hard to prepare.

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