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Sunday, 10 February 2019

The unique restaurant in Hyderabad, The Robot servs food to customers.

While the technology is going far day-to-day, first restaurant opened in the Hyderabad city where the scarf wearing robot offers food to the consumers. This restaurant, named Rob Kitchen, currently has four robots. Robot delivers food directly from the kitchen to the customer's table. The restaurant is getting a good response from customers.

As soon as the customer arrives in a restaurant, the tablet is given to him. The customer orders the baking tablets, then the robot delivers food to the customer's table. The robber named Robot has been named Beauty Recipes Robot. The robot has to charge for three hours to complete the day. This restaurant has also opened in Chennai.

This robot has been specially computerized, causing the robot to eat and work without any turmoil. This Robert has to charge for three hours. A special menu has been kept for those coming to Rostosa. According to Manikant, the main partner of Rob Kitchen, a tablet is offered to every customer in this restaurant. Customers can order their own tablets from tablets. The order then goes to the chefs present in the direct kitchen. According to the Chef order, the robot persuaded him.

Food serving robot has been designed and programmed in such a way that it takes the food table directly from the chefs to the table. Where the order is delivered, the robot delivers the food. By coming in this restaurant has a different kind of experience.


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