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Thursday, 7 February 2019

What Is a Super Computer? Learn Interesting Things About It-

The talk of supercomputers or such a word would have been heard by almost everyone. What is a supercomputer? How Does It Work? What are they worth and how much does it cost? - Have you ever wanted to know all these questions? Absolutely! Who does not want to know such things? Let's tell you about the supercomputers today that you really need to know. Yes, these stories are equally interesting. Let's know then

What is a Super Computer? -
The computer that we have is called a normal computer. Any computer or computer used in your office, regardless of the amount of internal memory, is equipped with a superb operating system, any software or program capable of running fast without any obstacles, but never called supercomputers!

A supercomputer is made when you collect two-three or ten million computers! Reading about the power of supercomputers can also make our sense of work stop. A super-computer power plant spread in fifteen to twenty bighas! There are thousands of processors in it, which divide every work into a piece of parallel processing of each work. To manage a super computer, you need a large staff. To try to freeze it, you have to try some techniques.

How does it work? -
As stated earlier, the supercomputer has several micro processors and works on parallel processing, ie parallel transmission theory. All processors share one task and progress faster. This computer is used to gauge large quantities quickly and accurately. This is used when thousands of complicated calculations are done in a short time.

Speed ​​of normal computer work is measured in MIPS (Million Intruductipns per Second), while supercomputer speed is measured in the Floats (Floating Points Operation Per Second). So the speed of the world's most powerful supercomputer is 93.81 Peta FLOPS / S.

The Windows operating systems used in our computer are not running here. Linux's heavyly customized operating system is used in a supercomputer. However, some other operating systems are used but Linux is the main.

15 megawatts power supply super computer is needed. That is, a supercomputer gets roasted as a light bulb, fan, light chullah, fridge, TV, and home appliances. However, it also gives such work.

Currently the world's fastest supercomputer -
Here is the lofty Chinese. Sunway Taihulight-2, a supercomputers computer, is the fastest computer in the world. This is the power and speed statistics given above. On the second number, China also has a super computer named Tianhe-2. One thing: in 2001, when the world's supercomputer list was created, China was not on the list anywhere. Today, when the list is made, only 500 of the world's supercomputers are in China alone! The general estimate of how much the country's technology is becoming overwhelming is that from above.

In India -
India is also strengthening its way in the technology sector. If you want to name the fastest supercomputers of the present day India - Cray XC40; Located in Indian Institute of Tropical Weather Science in Pune (IITM). On January 8, 2018, his inauguration was inaugurated by the Union Earth Science Minister Dr. Harshavardhan. Currently the most recent 'Param Ishank' is in the supercomputing supercomputers supercomputer. Also know the names of India's famous supercomputers: Mihir, InC1, SERC, iDataplex and Param Series Computer.

What is the work? -
Naturally, this computer is not used to play games! This computer is mainly used in fields such as Season Science, Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Engineering, Natural Mineral Resources, Space Research, Genetics Research.
Many people have benefitted from supercomputers. They are used to derive the knowledge of the mysteries of the universe from body therapy.

How many falls? -
The estimated cost of the supercomputer is fourteen lakh rupees (20,000 USD)! But it does not meet all of them. Seeing his powers, it can be said that keeping it is a dangerous weapon. This means that the super computer can not be easily bought or given. Powerful supercomputer costs $ 300 million!

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