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Monday, 11 March 2019

If your 4G speed is low in the phone, then follow these steps..

Even though 4G has come in India, many users complain of slow internet in their phones. Today, we will learn some of the settings of smartphones that will increase your SIM 4G speed. With this setting, you can apply to all networks including Jio, Airtel and Vodafone. You need to go to the phone's settings menu to do these settings. During this time your phone's data will be kept.

- Go to the phone's setting and go to the Celluler Network. Most phones will get more options for the phone setting. Which is to run 4G from the SIM card. Select it Now click on Acess Point Names. Click on the name of the SIM card which you will be viewing data from here.

- Open a list of settings. Click on Server. There is nothing written on it. Ok here by typing www.google.com

- Now scroll down and click on Authentication type. Here you will see None. Select PAP.

- You can get an APN Type option by going down. Let's make it default.

- After setting all this setting we will see upward 3 dots will appear on top, we will see save option,click on Save these settings. Please check your phone's 4G speed will be faster than before.

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