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Monday, 11 March 2019

This Smart Fan launched in India, control by smartphone..

The Indian company Ottomate has launched a Smart Fan. The smart fane has been given BLE 5.0 Mash. The feature of this fan is that you can control this from an app. This company has been launched by Lavana co-founder Vishal Sehgal and this brand is dedicated for Smart Home Solution. Ottomate Smart Fan costs Rs 3,999. Its sale will begin on March 20 and then it will be sold on Ottomate's website. Then will be available on e-commerce website from 2 April. The company will also sell it at the offline store.

Ottomate co-founder and CEO said during the launch, "In Ottomate we are inventing general appliance like fan and light by cutting-edge technology, so that the life of the house becomes easier, better and attractive. Smart Fan Range is smart and non-productive. This makes your home a better place to live.

Speaking of the Fan's specifications, Qualcomm's BLE 5.0 chipset has been given and it has also been given a CSR mesh. According to the company, it has been awarded industry grade digital temperature and humidity sensors. This fan is easily connected to the smartphone application and operates only from mobile.

You can download this application called Ottomate from the Play Store. There are so many types in which you can choose from. In manual mode you can set the speed Due to the digital sensors on setting up the OTO mode, it will set the speed manually by computing the room's temperature and humidity.


  1. This is a smart ceiling fan. It is going to change the way we have been using a ceiling fan.Can I select MY own colors for the blades or motors? This is so nice to see. Is it a smart fan that can be controlled using a mobile app? please share more information.

    Thank you,

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