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Saturday, 16 March 2019

What is a Supersonic Boom?

What is the Super Sonic Boom and why it sound like explosions?

Super Sonic Boom or Sonic Boom can be produced by any aircraft or thing that runs faster than the speed of sound (1238 Km / hr). Super Sonic means faster than sound speed. Sonic Boom is a kind of shocking waves. At such speed the flying aircraft produce such a huge sound that there is no sound of a bomb or a thunderbolt on the ground.

When a plane goes into the air, the sound wave produces sound waves. When the plane runs at speeds, Sound waves travels towards the front of the aircraft. But when the airplane breaks the sound barrier, if it runs much faster than the speed of the sound, then a super-Sonic boom produces. There is no sound by the time the plane comes in, but after the passage of the aircraft, a huge bomb blast is created.

When an airplane runs at speeds, the raised pressure is spread in all directions. But in the supersonic speed, the pressure field is limited to a certain area, which is usually spread in the back of the airplane and moves in a limited wide corner, called a MAC con.

As the aircraft progresses, the backbone of the rear crumbles along the ground, and a huge bomb explodes or a boom arises. When this type of plane flies too low or down in Altitude, then the lamentation is so intense that the windows of the house windows break down the water.

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