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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Scientist's claim: The human body has been moving for one year after death.

Sydney: Even after death, the dead body is kept moving for one year. The claim was made by a female scientist from Australia. Scientist Allison Wilson researched on a dead body for about 17 months, and they learned that the body is still moving after death. The scientist also captured every movement of the dead body in his camera.

According to a report published on the Science Alert website, Allison says that even after death, the human body has some degree of motion. This is the reason why many times the suspicion of the dead being raised also arises within people. According to scientist Wilson, the hands of the dead body was kept adjacent to the body during the research. But after some time, hands slowly moved away. They said that this may have been due to decomposition. Over time, as the body dries, the movement increases.

An Australian scientist has claimed that the research could help investigate homicide and fatalities. Allison carried out this research with all preparations. He traveled from Sydney to Cairns for a flight of 3 hours per month to research the bodies.

During this research the Time Lapse Camera was used to monitor the body, which was taking photographs of the body every 30 minutes. He has been monitored and investigated since the human death. According to Allison, the human body moves for one year after death.

Allison says that from a young age she had a curiosity about what happens to the human body after death. What kind of change does it take? They said that research was still under way to understand better. According to the Journal of Forensic Science International Synergy, this research will help to understand the changes in the human body after death.

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